That was a good one…


That was a good one…

Green Machine

Orange Crush

Backstage Camaraderie

Usually the guys have helpers to apply the bronzer, but this time I witnessed a bunch of guys helping each other get ready for the competition. It was awesome to see everyone be so supportive of each other. 

Father/Son Bodybuilding Duo

These guys were quite the popular pair, and it’s easy to see why. They loved showing-off, strutting around in their skimpy posing trunks, giving interviews and posing for pictures. You could tell dad was quite proud of his son and son had respect and admiration for his dad. I couldn’t help but admire that whopper dad had stuffed in his posing trunks.


Lots of photos from the Independence Day bodybuilding show @ Venice Beach coming in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Patriotic posers.

Board Shorts Bonanza!

Next year guys, man-up and wear the posing trunks instead.